Kentucky Derby Style

We didn't win any money, and the Mint Juleps made us gag, but we looked FABULOUUUUUS...

My black and white fascinator hat for Derby day.
Can't wait to wear it somewhere again!

My lovely host Amy's headpiece we made from a coral silk flower, some feathers, and a clip.

My friend Joni made a peacock feather fascinator to match her blue dress.

Our girlfriend Allen went simple and whimsical with her feathered headband.

The people-watching in the Paddocks is absolutely the tops! Like snowflakes, every hat you see is different from the next. Some photos I snapped of strangers with class :

That's a lotta' paisley...

A searsucker poncho and sombrero in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Clever!


  1. LOVE your hat! You look fabulous!

  2. Loving all the head pieces BUT the peacock one is my favourite !!
    The color is just simply gorgeous !!



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