Phone Photos | Vol. 3

Every now and again, I gather the photos I've taken with my phone and compile them into a blog entry. While there is generally no cohesion between images, I think it's still interesting to review the subjects I deemed photograph-able.

Volume 3 of Phone Photos a la Lizz :

These plastic gals I photographed while shopping one day in Dallas.
The grey gown is from H&M, the summer look is by Vince Camuto at Dillards.

A large painting I saw at brunch in Louisville

 The Hubby at the driving range

 Sunset view back home, Lake Travis TX

Gigi, the family boxer, playing in the pool

Best friends - Kaiser and me

Kaiser thoroughly enjoying his new bedsheets, Spongebob themed of course

Assorted doorknobs I bunched together at Anthropologie

Indian rug shopping with my mom-in-law

Experimenting with pin-striped nails

The gift I made for our 'smart' friend who just earned his PhD

Hubby and I trying our hand at paddle boarding. I recommend!

I also recommend attempting a headstand...

*I don't wear thongs to the lake... that's the black strap of the emergency harness

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  1. I think Ginnifer Goodwin wore that H&M gown to the White House Correspondents Dinner. I only remember that because apparently it is made of recycled fabrics?

    Paddle boarding is SUCH a blast. Glad you weren't wearing a thong! haha


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