Walking Louisville

Amy, my girlfriend and host during the Kentucky Derby, took me on an adventure. She showed me around the artsy little alcoves, hipster cafes, and boutique-lined streets in Louisville. It was a great day!

I liked these funny cards : "Stop calling me"

A sweet place for brunch, should you ever find yourself in Louisville.

I heart elephants

One corner of our adventure took us to an art space-slash-hotel where Amy's friend was assistant to its president. We got the run-down on their newest outdoor addition: a huge gold fiberglass statue of Michelangelo's David.

Apparently ol' Dave was shipped over from Europe, got stuck in customs, and was held up for days because customs agents thought he might be carrying drugs. HA 

 His gilded tooshie faced a few of the hotel room windows... is that a pro or con for guests?

Thanks for the Louisville adventures, Ames!


  1. Love that photo of you on the grass bench dressed in white! Looks like you had the ultimate tour guide - makes me want to go to Louisville. Very cool, Lizz.

  2. Louisville looks like a fun place to be. Good to see that you and your girlfriend had a great time, she seems to know Louisville very well proving herself as an amazing host.

  3. Wow... This is a beautiful place with lots of tourist attraction. Just like this green grass sofa it is a nice thing i have not seen in any other park.


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