I Whip My Hair

You may remember a few weeks ago I said I was booked for an online campaign with my old company... well the campaign has launched, and they did a fabulous job. Sending big hugs and Thank You's to stylist and host Jennifer, Matt my photographer, videographer Dorothy, and everyone else at Extensions.com!

Watch the fun style video, see photos, and learn more about the hair products I'm wearing by clicking HERE.

Easy Flair for Summer Hair

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Emma Stone Rocks

I've been a big Emma Stone fan since back in her Superbad days. She stole my heart in Easy A and Crazy Stupid Love; then she took it home with her role in The Help. Even if Emma wore a fanny pack and jelly sandals (and there's nothing wrong with that) on the red carpet, I'd still love her. But her recent appearances at various international Spiderman premiers have been kicking ass in the style department:

In Paris looking goth gorgeous wearing Gucci

In Madrid wearing Roksanda Illincic

In Berlin

 In London wearing Elie Saab

 Wearing Dolce & Gabbana

In Russia wearing something else amazing

While I admit I have a bit of an English Actor crush on Andrew Garfield AKA new Spidey AKA Emma's new boyfriend...

But I'll let it slide this time because Emma Stone is so darn cute and fashionable. Emma's stylist = job well done.

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An Urban Gem

I'm a big fan of model Constance Jablonski, mainly because her legs go on for days. I know nothing about week-long-legs because I'm only 5'7"... with stilettos on.

This editorial from Numero #132 spotlights not only Constance's great gams but some fab designer pieces. I liked the juxtaposition of the gritty urban setting with the colorful, high fashion looks. Photography by Greg Kadel :

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Sunsets are Sweet

I got a little frisky with my nail polish today after being inspired by the Texas summer sunsets:

Polish from left: Covergirl Candy Corn, Loreal Boozy Brunch, Sally Hansen
Salon Manicure Kook-a-Mango, Revlon Plum Seduction, and OPI Funky Dunkey

Sunset gradient colors are just plum inspiring. Mother Nature knows what's up!

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Quality Vintage

I've never heard of Germany's Quality Magazine; but if this vintage-inspired editorial is any indication of what they've got going on over in Deutschland, I'd say they're doing something right.

Enjoy this little dessert of a spread with model Lauren Auerbach (photographed by Andrea D'Aquino) wearing tasty pieces from brands like Asos, Zara, Rochas, and YSL and Chanel Vintage:

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De-Mystifying the Macaron

I feel that I must preface this post by saying I am not a trained pastry chef... [the crowd gasps]
In fact, before our brief stint in North Dakota, I never really cooked at all. But since then, I've gained a lot of confidence in the kitchen, experimenting with different flavors, dishes and desserts.

But today I attempted to bake a new treat based almost solely on how 'cute' they are: classic French macarons.

I hadn't eaten a macaron since visiting Paris years ago, and lately I've been mildly obsessed with them on my Pinterest. So I thought, What the heck. How hard can these little dudes be to bake?...

This is not a How-to post, so I won't waste time copying the recipe I used. But I did consult two sources: 1) THIS site for the ingredients and instructions, and 2) THIS site for a visual tutorial. Plus BONUS - the chefs are British.

Here is how the macaron hullabaloo went down:

After mixing together all the ingredients, my batter really looked nothing like the one in the tutorial video. So naturally, I decided to not only press on with the baking, but to get fancy and make 2 different colored batches. The raw batter tasted pretty swell.

Made my own piping bag (surprisingly easy to do) by pushing a plastic icing tip through the bottom corner of a freezer bag. I filled the bags with both batters, then piped them into circles on my baking sheets. At this point, there was no turning back.

Then the pink batch turned on me... I couldn't get any of the cookies off of the baking sheet. Had to throw them out.

But the blue batch came through for me. After they cooled, I matched two cookies together at a time and traded off filling each sandwich with lemon curd filling or the always-popular Nutella.

And here we have it, folks. My blue macarons. Certainly not the prettiest, but they tasted mighty fine.

Don't even think about scrolling back to compare my macarons to the flawless stock photo up top... Anyway, it was time well spent trying something new today!

To the bakers out there, do you know why my macarons came out cracked and un-fluffy?
Any tips are welcomed.   :)


Beyond the Sea

Did you ever play 'mermaids' when you were a kid? My sister and I did constantly in the pool of our childhood home. The only time I've actually dressed as a mermaid was circa Summer 2011 for a photo campaign...

Remember the shameless mermaids blog post that followed? HA

Well I came across this editorial from Flare magazine that conjured up images of beached mermaids, water nymphs and sea sirens. The dewy Bekah Jenkins is photographed by Chris Nicholls wearing metallic fabrics and tropical hues:

Ready for a day at the beach, anyone?

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Show Some Skin

I find myself asking my mirror the "Is this too slutty for [insert occasion or venue]" question. I don't mind showing a little skin or wearing a tighter dress; but lately I tend to err on the side of caution and concoct a more conservative look.

~ Grandmother, I can hear you rolling your eyes at that last comment ~

Well, bombshell Farah Holt probably never has to ask her mirror that question because she could make a Frederick's of Hollywood nighty and wicker sandals look like couture. See here, Farah's Fashion Gone Rogue spread wherein she rocks sexy styles that (in the words of my dad-in-law) might "make a preacher put his Bible down."

Photography by Daniel Nadel, styling by Amber Ross :

 Holly Fulton dress

Vintage skirt, Melissa Odabash swimsuit

Herve Leger swimsuit, Roberto Cavalli jacket (I want!)

Jimmy Choo heels

Mark Fast dress, Christian Louboutin heels

In other news, my dear friends Christian and Andrea got hitched today in Nevada. CONGRATS

 Also, I was booked for a summer campaign by my old company... hopefully photos will arrive soon so I can share them with you all.

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