Fredericksburg Finds

The ladies in my family and I visited historic Fredericksburg, Texas for my aunt's birthday. I snapped some photos while we were strolling on Main Street and shopping at the trade show.


 " I'm movin' to the country, I'm gonna eat me a lot of peaches... "

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It's Hot at H&M

I had not expected such a sultry and editorial campaign from H&M, but their Summer 2012 magazine spread is delicious! Photographed by Camilla Akrans, bombshell Edita Vilkeviciute shines with a lollipop pout.

 Love her dark brows and platinum hair.

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DIY | A Rustic Table

The true reason for my fun trip to the pottery ranch was to find a table for my mom-in-law. She always finds creative DIY projects around the house, so I thought yall might like to see how we turned a regular wooden table into something more!

We started with this wrought iron and stained wood table. We also purchased a big terra cotta pot and a few iron accents :

We took home the table and sanded most of the paint off with sandpaper. After some measuring, we cut a hole into the center of the table with a jigsaw (and when I say 'we' I mean the Hubby... I wouldn't call myself qualified to operate most power tools).

Make sure the bowl fits... Yup!

We flipped the table over and rubbed the iron legs with turquoise paint.

Then we painted the wooden top with an earthy red and smudged the same turquoise over it.

We hammered in the iron accents and brushed some color over the bowl.

Finally, we filled the bowl with clean sand...

And candles! I liked the design of this piece because you can do many things with it: add more candles or one big candle in the center. Instead of sand, add rocks or pretty marbles. You can even build a tiny wood fire in the bowl for a cozy place to sit and sip wine next to at night.

TA-DA! A perfectly unique outdoor table.
I'd love to hear about your DIY projects too!

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Pottery Shopping

My mom-in-law and I visited a beautiful pottery and furniture ranch that is going out of business here in Boerne. A few photos I snapped:

Rhinoceros army 

This big blue pot would look lovely with magenta bougainvillea pouring out of it.

 The shop dog. Cutie!

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Cave Without a Name

Have you ever visited a cave? One of the many adventures Hubby and I had this week was to take a tour inside a well-kept Texas Hill Country secret called the Cave Without a Name.

We've toured a few caves before, but this one had so many 'wow' moments and truly spectacular natural formations.

It boggled my mind to see these formations and consider how many hundreds of thousands of years it took for the earth to create them. No touching them allowed... (even though I really wanted to).

The walls looked like they were alive.

Wee! I love caves

So if you ever find yourself in the town of Boerne TX, I recommend a visit to the Cave Without a Name. Apparently they even hold acoustic concerts down there!

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Karlie Brazils It Up

Everyone knows I'm a big Karlie Kloss fan, so when I saw this vibrant Vogue editorial by beloved photog Mario Testino in this month's issue, I had a mini fashion-gasm. I found the images online and decided to share with yall.

Set in Brazil, the spread features Karlie with Capoeira dancers, at the beach, inside charming local homes, and enjoying a few interesting spa treatments. Goze-os!

Love the stacked trunks and old bench

Are any of yall taking fun summer trips soon?

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Moments of Pretty

To kick off your week with a bang, enjoy this ensemble of fashion photographs from publications that never cease to impress:

From Numéro #133 by Sean & Seng, model Ginta Lapina

For Dress to Kill magazine by Max Abadian

For Flare magazine by Chris Nicholls, model Sarah Gadon

For Material Girl by Xanthe Hutchinson, models Madeline White and Kaitlin Pilcher

And stay tuned as I will be posting new personal artwork soon!

We've got extended credits today...
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