DIY | A Rustic Table

The true reason for my fun trip to the pottery ranch was to find a table for my mom-in-law. She always finds creative DIY projects around the house, so I thought yall might like to see how we turned a regular wooden table into something more!

We started with this wrought iron and stained wood table. We also purchased a big terra cotta pot and a few iron accents :

We took home the table and sanded most of the paint off with sandpaper. After some measuring, we cut a hole into the center of the table with a jigsaw (and when I say 'we' I mean the Hubby... I wouldn't call myself qualified to operate most power tools).

Make sure the bowl fits... Yup!

We flipped the table over and rubbed the iron legs with turquoise paint.

Then we painted the wooden top with an earthy red and smudged the same turquoise over it.

We hammered in the iron accents and brushed some color over the bowl.

Finally, we filled the bowl with clean sand...

And candles! I liked the design of this piece because you can do many things with it: add more candles or one big candle in the center. Instead of sand, add rocks or pretty marbles. You can even build a tiny wood fire in the bowl for a cozy place to sit and sip wine next to at night.

TA-DA! A perfectly unique outdoor table.
I'd love to hear about your DIY projects too!

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