Gupta's Got the Goods

In my last post, I announced that the Hubby and I will be moving to California; and one of many things that excites me about our pending move is that we'll be in a city with a large artist community. Hopefully I'll fit right in and become more inspired in creating more of my own art.

Speaking of art, I recently discovered a sculpture artist from India named Subodh Gupta. His works are powerful and attention-commanding in themselves. Then when you understand that the materials Gupta uses (milk pails, lunch tins, thali pans and metal tongs) to create his sculptures are items from everyday life back in India, the pieces take on more meaning.

Gupta says, "I am the idol thief. I steal from the drama of Hindu life. And from the kitchen – these pots, they are like stolen gods, smuggled out of the country. Hindu kitchens are as important as prayer rooms."

A few of his displayed sculptures and installations:

Isn't sculpture amazing?
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Marriage & Moving

I must do a brief, shameless post in celebration of an important mile marker for the Hubby and me...
Congratulations on hitting 1 year of marriage to yours truly, Casey! I know I can be spastic and annoying sometimes, but you handle it all with grace and compassion. I love you, Coach.

How are we celebrating the anniversary, you ask? By continuing our roaming, gypsy lifestyle and making another big move. Jelly Bloggers, our next destination will officially be...

Photography by Emily Alexander. Bridal gown by Sophia Tolli. Flowers by Inez Day. Birdcage veil bought on Etsy.com.


A Nasty Gal's Wishlist

Today I thought I'd pay tribute to one of my fabulous advertisers, a sexy little online retail store called NastyGal.com. Even without buying anything, I at least visit their site once a week. I love their unique tops, funky dresses, vintage wear, and especially the shoes!

A few of many items on my Nasty Gal Wishlist:

 Lagoon Blazer found HERE

I'd like to pair that blazer with this bright yellow cut-out dress...
Blaze Cut-Out Dress in yellow found HERE

Corleone Platform feels found HERE

Block Party Maxi Dress found HERE

Gina Sequin Maxi Skirt (currently out of stock... poo)

In Bloom Blazer found HERE

Rooney Platform heels found HERE

Veruca Tee found HERE
Love the styling of a simple, blousy top with denim shorts and booties.

Nasty Gal has so many fun and frisky pieces. You can browse the site by clicking on my Nasty Gal ad on the right, or visit NastyGal.com. They have a fab email newsletter too!

Images from NastyGal.com


Tribal Print Nails & J.Lo

I would be lying if I said I don't still listen to Jennifer Lopez tunes from the 90s. After Waiting For Tonight came on my iPod yesterday, I was feeling particularly tribal (what? just go with it). Sometimes when I'm bored, I dive into the ol' craft box and rummage around until a project speaks to me. Enter nail art pens...

I decided to try my hand at the tribal print nails I have seen so much of on Pinterest and Instagram lately. I began with a few solid polish colors as a base:

After it dried, I added some stripes, swipes and dots with other bright polish colors :

When the second coat fully dried, I grabbed my black nail art pen. I had no real rhyme or reason for the designs I chose, I just started doodling:

I really liked the way the thumbnail turned out.

Can't say I like the right hand quite as much though. I'm not a skilled artist with my left hand...

I admit I got a bit out of control on a few of these.
SO I'll never be a brain surgeon (darn you, spastic left hand).

Potential future nail project? Back-to-school No.2 Pencil nails!

(as seen in the Sept 2012 issue of Glamour)

Nail art is super duper, but I've got you thinking about 1990s J.Lo now, huh? Here's a blast from VH1s past, just for you:

Images by me and Glamour magazine


A Painting for Mitch & Stacy

I believe that one of the best physical gifts you can give someone is a good piece of art.

Our great friends Mitch & Stacy got married last weekend in St. Louis. For their wedding present, the Hubby and I gave them a piece that I painted especially for them. Hubs even crafted the frame himself!

I painted the whole piece using thick oil paints and a palette knife - no brush.

They're the best! Their wedding was beautiful (the reception venue was an art gallery) and their marriage is sure to be magical and adventuresome.
Congrats, yall!

Artwork and images are property of me. Please ask permission before use.


Makeup Schmakeup

Do you experiment with makeup? I seldom do. I pretty much stick to the same liquid liner cat eye and a bright, punchy lip - a look that seems like child's play compared to the stunna' makeup designs in this photo campaign in the September issue of Flare magazine.

Makeup artist Greg Wencel creates cutting-edge looks inspired by the 1960s and 80s. Photography by Chris Nicholls:

 I great look for Fall!

Out of everything in your makeup bag, what is your absolute cant-live-without product?

Sidenote:  Do you Pinterest? I'm always pinning beauty images that inspire me - nail art, hairstyles, makeup, and all that jazz.  Click here for my Beauty, Hair & Fitness pinboard.

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New Art Meets Old Art

Oh to see this exhibition! One of my favorite pieces of French architecture - Le Chateau de Versailles - is a historic sight to visit in itself; but at the moment, it is also housing dozens of modern art instillations.

The juxtaposition of old world art and architecture with vibrant, new age designs is not as jarring as I thought it would be. Together I'm sure they quite enhance the experience. Take a looksy:

This is one of my favorites - a fluffy pink feathered helicopter.


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