Gupta's Got the Goods

In my last post, I announced that the Hubby and I will be moving to California; and one of many things that excites me about our pending move is that we'll be in a city with a large artist community. Hopefully I'll fit right in and become more inspired in creating more of my own art.

Speaking of art, I recently discovered a sculpture artist from India named Subodh Gupta. His works are powerful and attention-commanding in themselves. Then when you understand that the materials Gupta uses (milk pails, lunch tins, thali pans and metal tongs) to create his sculptures are items from everyday life back in India, the pieces take on more meaning.

Gupta says, "I am the idol thief. I steal from the drama of Hindu life. And from the kitchen – these pots, they are like stolen gods, smuggled out of the country. Hindu kitchens are as important as prayer rooms."

A few of his displayed sculptures and installations:

Isn't sculpture amazing?
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