Tribal Print Nails & J.Lo

I would be lying if I said I don't still listen to Jennifer Lopez tunes from the 90s. After Waiting For Tonight came on my iPod yesterday, I was feeling particularly tribal (what? just go with it). Sometimes when I'm bored, I dive into the ol' craft box and rummage around until a project speaks to me. Enter nail art pens...

I decided to try my hand at the tribal print nails I have seen so much of on Pinterest and Instagram lately. I began with a few solid polish colors as a base:

After it dried, I added some stripes, swipes and dots with other bright polish colors :

When the second coat fully dried, I grabbed my black nail art pen. I had no real rhyme or reason for the designs I chose, I just started doodling:

I really liked the way the thumbnail turned out.

Can't say I like the right hand quite as much though. I'm not a skilled artist with my left hand...

I admit I got a bit out of control on a few of these.
SO I'll never be a brain surgeon (darn you, spastic left hand).

Potential future nail project? Back-to-school No.2 Pencil nails!

(as seen in the Sept 2012 issue of Glamour)

Nail art is super duper, but I've got you thinking about 1990s J.Lo now, huh? Here's a blast from VH1s past, just for you:

Images by me and Glamour magazine

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