Your Eagles Have Landed

After about 26 hours of driving over 3 days, and passing through 4 different states, the Hubby and I arrived safely in our new town for the season. A few photos I snapped on our journey to Santa Cruz:


The good-morning sun at the house we stayed in for the night in Phoenix, AZ.
Thanks Tracy and Ray!

Palm Springs, CA
We stayed the night in Manhattan Beach with my aunt and uncle (Thanks Betty and JD!). They took us for a lovely walk down The Strand to see some truly breathtaking beach homes... including the house from 90210!

-  If Tommy Bahama and Marie Antoinette had homes next to each other in LA  -

After a great night in Los Angeles, it was time to head back up the 101...

Upon arrival in Santa Cruz, we stayed in the house that Hubby's team owns. Amaziiiiiiing.

Twilight fans, are you thinking 'Cullen residence' right now?

Today we explored the city and found the coast. And a pelican hideout.

And surfers!

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  1. What gorgeous pictures! It looks like you have had a blast so far. BTW, that door is comically large. So big!

    1. HA - I know! And my small-ness only makes it more funny. Thanks for reading! XO


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