Halloween Hugs

from Lizz Aubrey    AKA   Kung Fu Panda

Have a spook-tacular Halloween night, be safe, and enjoy the sugar coma!

My costume: black boots by GUESS, panda hood by Leg Avenue


Hallow's Eve Fashion

BOO! It's Halloween Eve... how are you dressing up this year?

You can take inspiration for your Halloween costume from virtually anywhere these days. If you're in need of some spooky-glam inspiration, check out a few October-ful international magazine spreads that I found in Vogue Netherlands, Elle Ukraine and L'Officiel Paris :



Comment below and tell me about your Halloween costume plans!

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For the Home | A Brooklyn Brownstone

We're all smiles at our California condo... our furniture finally arrived! To make a really long story short, a moving company who shall not be named was a full 3 weeks behind in delivering all Hubby's and my furniture, bed, pots and pans, etc. But the situation righted itself, and we're unpacking our cajones off!

All the furniture arranging and wall art hanging and crap organizing propelled me to look for home decor inspiration. The aesthetic of interior designer Hilary Robertson's brownstone in Brooklyn particularly piqued my interest.

The space incorporates such a lovely marriage of antique and modern pieces - right up my alley! It's cleanly eclectic, highly unique yet accessible. Here are more photos of the home as taken by Trevor Tondro:

I've always wanted a blackboard paint wall. Imagine the possibilities! You could write your grocery list on it, important memos, or have a new chalk mural every day.

Right? Fancy schmancy! Now, where can I buy everything from this house...

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Luvin' the Sun

I walked around a farmer's market in Oakland - loved all the sunflowers and dahlias.

A dirty martini shared on Lake Merritt with a friend

Our sad living room, sans furniture... still waiting for it all to be delivered.

Surfing here in Santa Cruz is as much a spectator sport as it is a participatory one. I like watching those wetsuited sitting ducks catch a wave.

Do all stairs lead to the ocean?

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Toilet Paper Can Be Pretty

I'm betting that if someone told you a man has created art installations using toilet paper, you'd be skeptical, right? I was. I thought, What if he's only using one-ply? It'll all fall apart in seconds!

Well your mind is about to be blown. Turkish-born artist Sakir Gokcebag takes everyday objects like toilet paper, clothes hangers, umbrellas, clothespins, brooms and wall clocks, and he gives them a new purpose. Or as the more eloquent Dr. Marcus Graf said, Gokcebag "removes everyday objects from their customary contexts, charging them with new, often absurd levels of meaning through serial reproduction, deformation, and deconstruction."

Take a looksy:

Cool, right? You can see more of Sakir Gokcebag's work at his website.
This makes me want to experiment with T.P. too. If it doesn't work out, at least I'll have my Halloween costume...

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Top 10 Halloween Flicks

I am a huge fan of St Patrick's Day, I adore Drinksgiving Thanksgiving, and who doesn't get excited about Christmas? But my absolute favorite holiday of them all is Halloween. There's something about October 31st that brings out the kid Lizz inside of me. Is it the thrill of a pumpkin patch visit? Is it my intense love of costumes and pageantry? Perhaps.

This is the year I forced our friends to dress up as the Woodsman, Big Bad Wolf and Granny from the Little Red Riding Hood story, all because I had already bought a Little Red costume. Diva...

I'm not into Halloween for the candy (my sweet tooth is pretty small), but I look forward to my movies like you wouldn't believe. So I made a list of my Top 10 Halloween Flick Picks to share :

10.  The Nightmare Before Christmas   1993
It's Halloween + Christmas... the perfect combo
9.  Casper   1995
My first celebrity crush: Devon Sawa
8.  Edward Scissorhands   1990
He just wanted to be loved!
7.  Scream   1996
And then they made like four more Screams and I lost interest.
6.  Practical Magic   1998
Because I'm told there is 'a little witch in every woman'.
5.  Corpse Bride   2005
Where the dead are more lively than the living. And corpses have great boobs.
4.  The Addams Family   1991
I still want to dress as Wednesday for Halloween one year.
3.  Beetlejuice   1988
Yep, another fab Tim Burton movie. There are five of his on my list.
2.  Sweeney Todd   2007
The blood is bright red and the musical score is amazeballs.
and the best Halloween movie of all...
1.  Hocus Pocus   1993
"I've put a spell on you, and now you're mine"

Happy Movie Marathon!  What's your favorite Halloween flick?

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