For the Home | A Brooklyn Brownstone

We're all smiles at our California condo... our furniture finally arrived! To make a really long story short, a moving company who shall not be named was a full 3 weeks behind in delivering all Hubby's and my furniture, bed, pots and pans, etc. But the situation righted itself, and we're unpacking our cajones off!

All the furniture arranging and wall art hanging and crap organizing propelled me to look for home decor inspiration. The aesthetic of interior designer Hilary Robertson's brownstone in Brooklyn particularly piqued my interest.

The space incorporates such a lovely marriage of antique and modern pieces - right up my alley! It's cleanly eclectic, highly unique yet accessible. Here are more photos of the home as taken by Trevor Tondro:

I've always wanted a blackboard paint wall. Imagine the possibilities! You could write your grocery list on it, important memos, or have a new chalk mural every day.

Right? Fancy schmancy! Now, where can I buy everything from this house...

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  1. Mama Hill10/30/2012

    Welcome back Jelly girl.....I've missed you. Nice posts.....

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