If I Was a Rich Girl

Welp, nothing fashion'y or art'y to report on quite yet in Santa Cruz. My clothes and my art supplies are in temporary storage at the moment. I've been dragging Hubby all over town for 3 days house hunting, and I've been wearing workout clothes and the same fleece jacket for a week now... it's killing me. Don't worry, pretty shoes - mama will rescue you soon!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a spread I saw in the October issue of Vogue Japan [ shout-out to Tokyo. I miss you! ]

Oh yes. It's inspired by the lover of all things lavish, the diva of decadence: Marie Antoinette. And the French mid-to-late 1700s are, like, one of my favorite eras! Photog Giampaolo Sgura captures this sky high wig-wearing minx in outstanding opulence. (Want me to alliterate some more?)

A potential Halloween costume? Don't think I won't do it... 

Can you believe it's already October?? Hooray autumn!
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