Toilet Paper Can Be Pretty

I'm betting that if someone told you a man has created art installations using toilet paper, you'd be skeptical, right? I was. I thought, What if he's only using one-ply? It'll all fall apart in seconds!

Well your mind is about to be blown. Turkish-born artist Sakir Gokcebag takes everyday objects like toilet paper, clothes hangers, umbrellas, clothespins, brooms and wall clocks, and he gives them a new purpose. Or as the more eloquent Dr. Marcus Graf said, Gokcebag "removes everyday objects from their customary contexts, charging them with new, often absurd levels of meaning through serial reproduction, deformation, and deconstruction."

Take a looksy:

Cool, right? You can see more of Sakir Gokcebag's work at his website.
This makes me want to experiment with T.P. too. If it doesn't work out, at least I'll have my Halloween costume...

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