Top 10 Halloween Flicks

I am a huge fan of St Patrick's Day, I adore Drinksgiving Thanksgiving, and who doesn't get excited about Christmas? But my absolute favorite holiday of them all is Halloween. There's something about October 31st that brings out the kid Lizz inside of me. Is it the thrill of a pumpkin patch visit? Is it my intense love of costumes and pageantry? Perhaps.

This is the year I forced our friends to dress up as the Woodsman, Big Bad Wolf and Granny from the Little Red Riding Hood story, all because I had already bought a Little Red costume. Diva...

I'm not into Halloween for the candy (my sweet tooth is pretty small), but I look forward to my movies like you wouldn't believe. So I made a list of my Top 10 Halloween Flick Picks to share :

10.  The Nightmare Before Christmas   1993
It's Halloween + Christmas... the perfect combo
9.  Casper   1995
My first celebrity crush: Devon Sawa
8.  Edward Scissorhands   1990
He just wanted to be loved!
7.  Scream   1996
And then they made like four more Screams and I lost interest.
6.  Practical Magic   1998
Because I'm told there is 'a little witch in every woman'.
5.  Corpse Bride   2005
Where the dead are more lively than the living. And corpses have great boobs.
4.  The Addams Family   1991
I still want to dress as Wednesday for Halloween one year.
3.  Beetlejuice   1988
Yep, another fab Tim Burton movie. There are five of his on my list.
2.  Sweeney Todd   2007
The blood is bright red and the musical score is amazeballs.
and the best Halloween movie of all...
1.  Hocus Pocus   1993
"I've put a spell on you, and now you're mine"

Happy Movie Marathon!  What's your favorite Halloween flick?

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  1. Mama Hill10/11/2012

    Love this one.....what will Halloween look like this year????

  2. It's always satisfaction after reading one of your blogs to realize why we are best friends. Devon Sawa? Yes. Hocus Pocus? Double yes. Tim Burton? Boom.

    1. You'll always be my bestie. But our similar tastes in movies and 90s crushes is just the icing on the adorably bizarre cake that is our relationship ;)
      Love you LaLa!


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