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Like many mommies out there, I am watching my baby grow and change... but instead of a human baby, I have a blog. A blog that once began as a tiny seed in 2010 and has since sprouted and evolved. Well kids, my blog is now in her terrible twos. I'm tired of babying her. It's high time she gained an identity of her own...

If you don't know what this baby pic is from, you need to watch this video immediately.

This is why I want your help! I need a new blog name, a new direction. Whether you're a new reader or a loyal follower, you can see that I blog about art, fashion, style and adventure. I was going back and forth with a few names when I thought, Let's get all democratic with this shizz. I'll let the people decide!

What do you think the new name for my blog should be?

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Don't see any names you like?  Feel free to comment below with any suggestions and ideas!
- Your traveling gnome, Lizz Aubrey


MoMA Moments

Art attack! If ever I am within range of an art museum, you can bet you'll find me there. I feel inspired and at-home in art museums, and I love seeing in person the artistic works that I studied and admired all through college. I've been lucky enough to visit museums all over the world - New York City, London, Paris, Japan... each one has its own unique identity and charm. I can't get enough!

This weekend, my friend Morgan and I visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. A few photos from our adventure:

I heart Rothko

 Takashi Murakami

art deco!

 Morgan really took to this piece. So did Mr. Hoodie back there.

A Roy Lichtenstein sculpture called Mirror I

A Richard Serra lead piece (AKA don't lick it)

Famous 'LOVE' painting by Robert Indiana

Check out more art currently housed at the SF MOMA on their website.



A Little Lighthouse

A few photos I snapped while on a recent beach excursion in Santa Cruz :

This rock was barking... sea lions all over it!
Surfing Museum!

All my stress melts away when I go discovering new places around town!
All photos belong to me. Please request permission before use. 


Layering is for Lovers

There is absolutely a skill - nay, an art - to layering your look. I don't mean in the Randy from A Christmas Story, North Dakota winter sort of way...

But in the Wow, look how cleverly and sophisticatedly she styled herself way. Two of my favorite blogger gals Blair and Jane have made a name for themselves because of this styling expertise. It's a skill I need to sharpen now that I live in the Bay Area which is a never-too-cold but foggy and breezy in the morning type of climate. Whatever that means to you. To me that means sexy bohemian layers with an edge.

Of course the stylists at Free People and the Vogue publication are also masters of layer styling. I was inspired after viewing these photo spreads...

From Vogue Turkey's November issue:

And from Free People's new Harvest Moon style book that features cozy autumn looks:

The jean-shorts-over-black-tights look was really popular when we lived in Japan last year.
Not sure how I feel about it though...

Is there a certain layered Fall look that you're into right now?
Tell me about it!
Images from SOURCE and SOURCE


Cool Art | Wood & Paper

Guess who's inspired... me! I strongly admire artists who can take a commonly used artistic element and create something clever and unique from it. Like these two sculptors: Dan Webb and Anna-Wili Highfield, who use paper and wood to sculpt magical things.

Dan Webb, a Seattle based artist, makes a rigid and unforgiving material look delicate with intricate detail:

And former opera set designer Anna-Wili Highfield creates the loveliest animals from what looks like torn paper pieces sewn together. Beautiful :

Her works have a fragile quality to them, as if the slightest breeze would dissolve the sculpture.


I'd love one of these paper pieces for my home!
Images from SOURCE and SOURCE


DIY Home | Pumpkins & Succulents

Got leftover pumpkins from Halloween? If they're uncarved and have no moldy spots, do what I did: spraypaint them white, then splash them with festive November color. Pile them, arrange them in a vase, put them around your house as (perishable) flair.

You can also add glitter or texture like this person did:

Image from SOURCE

I even tried my hand at planting succulents. They look great mixed-and-matched with different types, and I haven't killed them yet! Succulents = easy to care for if you're like me and lack a green thumb.

We are slowly but surely decorating our new Santa Cruz apartment. A couple finished spaces:

I like eclectic finds, like my Winston Churchill Elephant photo I bought from Etsy.com and framed. Or the wooden Remington ammo crate I picked up recently at an antique fair - only $8.


Wishlist | Fall Wardrobe Wants

We may not be experiencing truly autumn weather on the West Coast yet, but that hasn't stopped me from compiling a wardrobe wishlist for the season! A few of my wants:

Double-breasted military jacket from Zara
Oasis Panel Dress from ASOS
I need a new LBD
Peter Pan Collar Tee from J.Crew
Leather pencil skirt with ruffle hem in back from Zara
Karinska Tulle Skirt from Anthropologie

I know what you may be thinking: Lizz, there's a lot of black in there. Are you a member of Tim Burton's family? To which I answer: Black is always in style, da'ling.

Also, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE.  Election Day is finally here!