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Guess who's inspired... me! I strongly admire artists who can take a commonly used artistic element and create something clever and unique from it. Like these two sculptors: Dan Webb and Anna-Wili Highfield, who use paper and wood to sculpt magical things.

Dan Webb, a Seattle based artist, makes a rigid and unforgiving material look delicate with intricate detail:

And former opera set designer Anna-Wili Highfield creates the loveliest animals from what looks like torn paper pieces sewn together. Beautiful :

Her works have a fragile quality to them, as if the slightest breeze would dissolve the sculpture.


I'd love one of these paper pieces for my home!
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  1. mama hill11/10/2012

    I love these art pieces....really inspirational. THANKS for finding them and sharing

  2. Mama Hill11/10/2012

    WAY WAY easier to comment now......no more proving I am not a robot. I suggest everyone who loves Lizzy's Blogs to add their two cents now that it is easy

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