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Got leftover pumpkins from Halloween? If they're uncarved and have no moldy spots, do what I did: spraypaint them white, then splash them with festive November color. Pile them, arrange them in a vase, put them around your house as (perishable) flair.

You can also add glitter or texture like this person did:

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I even tried my hand at planting succulents. They look great mixed-and-matched with different types, and I haven't killed them yet! Succulents = easy to care for if you're like me and lack a green thumb.

We are slowly but surely decorating our new Santa Cruz apartment. A couple finished spaces:

I like eclectic finds, like my Winston Churchill Elephant photo I bought from Etsy.com and framed. Or the wooden Remington ammo crate I picked up recently at an antique fair - only $8.

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