Layering is for Lovers

There is absolutely a skill - nay, an art - to layering your look. I don't mean in the Randy from A Christmas Story, North Dakota winter sort of way...

But in the Wow, look how cleverly and sophisticatedly she styled herself way. Two of my favorite blogger gals Blair and Jane have made a name for themselves because of this styling expertise. It's a skill I need to sharpen now that I live in the Bay Area which is a never-too-cold but foggy and breezy in the morning type of climate. Whatever that means to you. To me that means sexy bohemian layers with an edge.

Of course the stylists at Free People and the Vogue publication are also masters of layer styling. I was inspired after viewing these photo spreads...

From Vogue Turkey's November issue:

And from Free People's new Harvest Moon style book that features cozy autumn looks:

The jean-shorts-over-black-tights look was really popular when we lived in Japan last year.
Not sure how I feel about it though...

Is there a certain layered Fall look that you're into right now?
Tell me about it!
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