MoMA Moments

Art attack! If ever I am within range of an art museum, you can bet you'll find me there. I feel inspired and at-home in art museums, and I love seeing in person the artistic works that I studied and admired all through college. I've been lucky enough to visit museums all over the world - New York City, London, Paris, Japan... each one has its own unique identity and charm. I can't get enough!

This weekend, my friend Morgan and I visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. A few photos from our adventure:

I heart Rothko

 Takashi Murakami

art deco!

 Morgan really took to this piece. So did Mr. Hoodie back there.

A Roy Lichtenstein sculpture called Mirror I

A Richard Serra lead piece (AKA don't lick it)

Famous 'LOVE' painting by Robert Indiana

Check out more art currently housed at the SF MOMA on their website.


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