2013 & Other Resolutions

Welcome back from holiday vacations, ski getaways, family trips, etc. I went home to Austin, TX to spend some short but sweet time with my fam and dogs. Then I returned to CA to watch Hubby and his basketball team win all of their first three home games. None too shabby!
I also must give a shout-out to my amazing mom-in-law and grandma/aunt who read my blog and sneakily picked items from my Xmas Wishlist and Fall Wantlist to gift me for Christmas. Thanks yall! I also must thank my Hubby for his awesome present: a professional grade camera. So you can expect the photo quality around here to start improving dramatically.
This is not the new one. Little Bleu has now become my slap-around camera.
Now that it's New Year's Eve, I am elated to yell at you these hopeful words...
Happy New Year!
While many people like to take this time to reflect on the past year - and drink boatloads of the bubbly- I am a forward-thinker and prefer to gaze in wonderment at the future. My NYR (new year's resolution) for 2012 was simply to be better at correspondence with friends and loved ones. I think I fared pretty well... definitely left some room for improvement though.
But for 2013, my resolution is this :
Begin an oil painting series I've been meaning to start for 6 months!
(That outta' hold me accountable, writing it on my very not-private blog)
However you chose to celebrate tonight (and please do not say you're watching that awful ensemble cast movie New Year's Eve)... have a blast, hold your loved ones tight, and be safe.
I'll see ya next year!
What is your NYR for 2013?


  1. You had an amazing year and I hope the next year is going to be amazing for you too. Thanks for wishing us and a very happy new year to you too and all of the people living in this amazing world.

  2. Yes, I am with what you think. And with that many people have mentioned.





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