Top 10 Xmas Flicks

My Top 10 Halloween movies post was a jolly success, but now we discuss an even more magical time for flicks... Christmas!

10National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation   1989
I'm a Chevy fan. And a sucker for slapstick comedy.
9. Four Christmases   2008
More slapstick. And great cameo appearances (Jon Favreau as a UFC fighter).
8. Rent    2005
Not technically a Christmas movie, per say. But I always find myself watching it around the holidays, and I dare you not to sing '525,600 Minutes' when you hear it!
7. Just Friends    2005
Anna Faris has never been funnier. And Oh Hello Mr Reynolds...
6. The Grinch    2000
Jim Carrey. Best. Grinch. Ever.
I used to pretend that I lived in Whoville when I was younger (...last year).
5. Home Alone    1990
I'm fairly certain this movie is the reason I'm paranoid about burglars.
A classic Christmas flick nonetheless.
4. Elf    2003
The movie in which we learned that gum on the sidewalk is not free candy, South Pole elves are angry, and spaghetti and syrup go well together.
3. The Holiday    2006
Yes it's cheesy, and poor Cam Diaz is kind of annoying in it. But everyone needs a little cheese at Christmas time... followed by wine.
2. A Christmas Story   1983
"I can't put my arms down!"
[ PS. This is weirdly the 6th time I've used this photo on my blog... ]
#1. Love Actually   2003
Greatest ensemble cast ever. Unique love stories. Colin Firth. And British accents. Winner!

What's your #1 holiday movie?

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  1. I think your list is awesome - but I love The Family Stone as well! I think Four Christmases is kind-of depressing, really.

  2. OMG! Your comment on The Grinch is so me. I used to do the same thing. When I say "used to" I mean literally five weeks ago. I like A Christmas Story. Christmas with the Kranks is another cute Christmas movie.

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