Soundtrack of my Life

Do you love music? Love movies? Love the music you hear in movies? I've been a fan, nay - an aficionado, of movie soundtracks since The Lion King debuted. While I hold film scores and musicals in high regard, here I'm speaking specifically on the third-party tunes that were collected by production house soundtrack wizards for our aural pleasure.

You may be thinking, If you're such an expert on the subject, please provide me with specific examples of this soundtrack splendor. I gotchu', boo! Here are Six Sweet Soundtracks according to me. And don't knock 'em til you hear 'em :

Romeo + Juliet

A unique mix of upbeat party songs and gritty alt pop with a few recognizable names from the 90s like Garbage, Des'ree, Radiohead and The Cardigans.

The Devil Wears Prada

I love me some coffee house and lounge tunes, and this soundtrack is full of them! Whether you liked the movie or not, you'll enjoy songs like Bittersweet Faith and Feelin' Hypnotized (Black Liquid Remix). Don't be alarmed if you feel like wearing all black and saying things like, "That color is so hot right now."

Twilight &
Twilight : Breaking Dawn Part 2

Although the movies are geared toward an adolescent audience, the soundtrack is decidedly adult (and a little angst-y). The music from the first and last movies in the saga boasts powerful tunes from various artists you've probably never heard of. From the original Twilight, listen to Full Moon and Bella's Lullaby. From Breaking Dawn Part 2, be sure to hear Everything and Nothing by the Boom Circuits and Bittersweet by Ellie Goulding.

O Brother Where Art Thou

This soundtrack won't be everybody's cup of tea - you've got to be onboard with a little twang. But if you've seen O Brother (a George Clooney film set during the Great Depression) the music is even better! Do yourself a favor and watch the movie, then listen to the soundtrack. But just to pique your interest, preview track #5 I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow.

Marie Antoinette

This soundtrack is special to me because of its great variety! One moment you're bopping around to spunky Brit pop and the next you could be sipping tea while listening to one of the album's delicate piano pieces. It sounds like an impossible mix, but this is the soundtrack I play while I paint. Give 'er a whirl!

Do you have a favorite movie soundtrack?


  1. I have the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack on cassette tape!

    1. Oh man - old school casette tapes! Love it :)


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