Sorry! I'm Still Here...

Hey guys! Geez, sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Our god-forsaken internet connection has been spotty for a couple weeks now. And I'll be honest - making the dreaded phone call to set up a random 3-hour window for an internet provider representative to fix my internet has not been top priority this month. It's really the 3-hour window that gets me... who has a 3-hour lunch break?

And even if you do have 3 hours to sit and wait for the cable company rep (not browsing the internet or watching TV, because if those things were in working order, you wouldn't need the appointment in the first place), the rep usually arrives in the first 2.4 minutes of the 3-hour window when you're still in your bathrobe. Or he arrives in the final 5 minutes of the window when you're wondering if he'll show up at all and feeling a bit like you've been stood-up on a date, life just passing you by.

How am I blogging right now? I'm on my work computer. It's a slow day. Don't tell my boss...

In conclusion, thank you for your patience while I procrastinate fixing my home internet. I'll be back up and running shortly! I disdain broken internet. Makes me downright mad, like this kid:

Images from Google Image.

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