A Familiar Place

As I was thumbing through this month's issue of Vogue magazine, one particular image in the Mario Testino photo spread stopped me in my tracks...

Why does this location look so familiar to me?  I thought.
Wait, I think I did a photoshoot in that exact spot!

I checked out the caption under the picture to make sure; Yep - the Hie Shinto Shrine in Nagatacho, downtown Tokyo. We lived just down the street from this shrine in Japan! The day this picture was taken, my friend Chanyn Cheree and I had some fun snapping photos in and around this gorgeous piece of living Japanese history. Check out that photoshoot HERE.
Model Carolyn Murphy did Tokyo good as the star of The Emperor's New Clothes in Vogue. Here's the rest of the Testino-Murphy collaboration:

In the studio of world-renowned anime/manga artist Takashi Murakami.

I never looked this glam while riding the Tokyo metro.
But I know someone who always did... lookin' at you, Katie May!

It's a small world after all ~

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