Peruvian Romance

Let's be honest: photog Mario Testino can really do no wrong! Though I'm never incredibly inspired by supermodel Kate Moss (due mainly to over-saturation of her image), she and Testino certainly paired perfectly for the April issue of Vogue Paris magazine to create a very well styled, South American-tinted editorial.

I love the mix of designer separates with Peruvian influence pieces. Fun fact: Testino is from Peru! Enjoy:

That's it - tomorrow I'm wearing a colorful headscarf, fedora and open blazer.
Lo que belleza!
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  1. She looks absolutely stunning! I honestly think this shoot is one of the best I have ever seen her. I love her in the Lanvin look (2nd image).

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Right? That's what I thought - 'Whoa, Kate looks pretty good!' Hope all is well with you! XO LizzAubrey

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