Metropolitan Punk

At first glance of the Met Ball 2013, you might say to yourself, "What is wrong with everybody? Is snorting cocaine trendy again?" But then everything makes sense once you know that the celebs are embracing this year's exhibition theme: Punk | Chaos to Couture.

Here are the red carpet looks that turned my head - most in a good way, some in a WTF way...

Nicole Richie

Anne Hathaway

Christina Ricci

Cara DeLevingne

Elle Fanning

Kate Bosworth

Giovanna Battaglia

Kristen Stewart

Kim Kardashian

Katy Perry (she's got my vote)


Madonna (too literal, Madge)

Miley Cyrus

 And finally, Sarah Jessica Parker

So who stole your heart with their red carpet look?
Images from JustJared, SOURCE and SOURCE


  1. Christina Ricci was by far my favorite on the red carpet at the MetGala!

  2. I always think those stylists have an agreement with each other about what trend they'll support this year. Some celebrity's really look aweful in the look. Others are very stylish like Kate and Anne, also Nicole (but please change the haircolor)
    Maya - Archistas


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