From Morocco With Love

Vogue got a look inside designer Bruno Frisoni's breathtaking home in Morocco, a covet worthy residence bursting with Arabic infusion. Modern pieces are effortlessly mixed with artistic antiques inside the North African architecture. Arching doorways, marble floors and romantic pops of color. Deee-lish!

Morocco is absolutely on my bucket list of places to visit!
Are you taking any exotic vacations this summer?

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Droid Yearbook

After a few months years of hesitation, I finally joined the Apple world and got me an iPhone. Joy! Before the switch, I had to empty my Droid of its photos. So I thought it would be fun to post some of those I held onto...

 The wives and I enjoying one of Hubby's games.

 One of the players' dogs - I was puppysitting and the little fella' fell asleep like this.

The nephews.

River, the family dog, playing chief line judge.

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Neon & Grey

Sometimes I'll discover a pair of shoes that inexplicably inspires me. These Sam Edelman leather beauties do not belong to me (yet), but nonetheless I decided to style a few outfits around them.

'Roma' heels by Sam Edelman  |  A. Sky Earrings by Kendra Scott  B. Sleeveless Striped Shell Top from TopShop  C. Grey Marl 1992 Tube Skirt from TopShop  D. Crop Check Shirt from TopShop  E. Textured Pleat Full Skirt from TopShop 
F. Fluoro Embroidered Organza Top from TopShop 
G. I created these earrings at the 'Color Bar' at KendraScott.com - really fun!



Water & Wine

Our weekend started with a long hike down the coast in Santa Cruz, and it finished with wine and good friends in San Francisco. Some snapshots from our recent adventures:

A brave little crab

Someone had thoughtfully surrounded this mama bird and her nest with sticks so she would be protected on the busy beach.

In San Fran we wined and dined with a few ladies that mean a whole lot to us.
Sisters we will always be!

If you are visiting San Francisco and looking for a solid dinner spot, get yourself to Beretta.
For dessert, you must order the Panne Gelato with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt. I know it sounds strange, but I swear it's a treat sent down from Mount Olympus!
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Contempo Antebellum

I had never heard of Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko; but after discovering her Spring/Summer 2013 couture line, I can now say that I will be checking up on her seasonally. Ulyana is uly-awesome!

From her collections, you can deduce that (like myself) Ulyana appreciates period style and costume. Her S/S couture work for this year cleverly combines a contemporary breeziness with Antebellum grace and historic Southern charm. Her pieces celebrate structure and textile without feeling weighed down.

From Ulyana Sergeenko's Spring/Summer '13 Haute Couture lookbook - enjoy! :

I can almost hear Rhett Butler exclaiming, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."
What do you think of Ulyana's couture line?
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To Grandmother's House

I flew to Atlanta to stay with my grandmother for a few days after our Texas trip concluded. She lives in the cutest condo I had never seen before. I enjoyed how she and my aunt decorated the place, so I took a few snapshots.

Cozy rooms at grandma's house:

Check out her view!
We had so much fun rummaging through her old photo albums and trinket boxes. These photos in particular made me smile - it's my grandfather as a baby and my grandmother in high school:

My grandmother and I have much in common, most importantly our love of shoes!  

And this sweater belonged to my grandpa in - you guessed it - 1955:

 Thanks for a great visit, Patty!
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