Glorious Gallerie

The charming mirrored tables and chests featured in a recent Z Gallerie newsletter inspired me to try my hand at piecing together a room. So I (somewhat crudely) styled a digital living space with a few of the store's pieces I've had my eye on :

If you've ever wandered through the wonderland that is Z Gallerie, you may have experienced a symptom I can only describe as interior design lust. I envision the store's quirky furniture, art and accessories filling all the nooks and crannies in my apartment. Suddenly I must have that ridiculously large bunch of peacock feathers and cannot leave the store without that silver pleather sectional couch that converts into 3 different configurations. It's decor madness!
A few other pieces on my Want List from Z Gallerie:
A. Harrison Chaise Lounge  |  B. Borghese Mirrored End Table  |  C. Casablanca Dhurrie Rug  |  D. Raya Vase in Black 
E. Raya Vase in Gold  |  F. Rhinoceros Sculpture  |  G. Mirrored Chest of Drawers  |  H. Portofino Pavilion Tent 
I. Crane Table Lamp 

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