Whale Watching

My hubby just turned the big 3-0. So for his birthday, I set up a couple fun surprise activities, the first of which was a whale watching tour! And while we had every intention of seeing giant ocean mammals, as it turns out, you cannot always predict what Mother Nature is going to show you.

Although the proprietor of the tours told me that just days prior, other tours had spotted grey whales, humpback whales, even a blue whale! But alas, our whale watching tour was whale-less. Still it was great to be out in the bay, and we saw many other interesting creatures. Some photos from the tour:

Sealions love buoys.  

Went through a fog bank - a bit creepy when you're out on the water

We made friends with the captain. He showed us all his neat whale-spotting and sailing gadgets.


It's really difficult to tell what this is from above the water, but the captain said it was a Mola Mola AKA a Sunfish. Here's how they really look:

We spotted several packs of sea otters. They were munching on sea urchins, cracking them open with rocks. So cute! They're like the puppies of the ocean.

We will definitely whale watch again. I've gotta' see one of those enormous creatures in person.
If you're ever in the Monterey Bay area and want to take a whale watching tour,
check out Stagnaro Charters. They're the best!

Sunfish image from SOURCE.
All other images are mine, please ask permission before use.

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