Bajillions of Begonias

The start of September means an Indian summer for us in Santa Cruz. Finally... warm, sunny weather! And what better way to welcome it than with thousands of other people? I took a walk down to the Begonia Festival in town, the beginnings of which (I learned) blossomed in the 1950s surrounding the harvesting of Begonia flower bulbs.  

Nowadays, the festival has grown to incorporate local businesses which sponsor floats in the river parade. Float builders cover framework with hundreds and thousands of Begonia flowers.

I loved this golden retriever playing tugboat to a mini-float. 

Jellyfish followed the Magic School Bus in canoes. 


Now that's some small-town fun. 
Add it to the long list of neat things that are just beyond our backyard!

Images are my own. Please ask permission before use.

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