DIY Beach Christmas

Hubby and I are enjoying the holidays at home in California this year! So our Christmas tree has a bit of beach flair. I molded a starfish ornament out of air dry clay (this stuff is awesome for crafting) and painted it. I also found good use for the dozens of sand dollars we've collected: a little twine, some spray glitter... voila!

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LA-LA Land + Childhood Gems

I'll use almost any excuse to travel down south to Los Angeles, especially lately as it won't stop raining in NorCal! We have family in Manhattan Beach, Mom and Sister flew in from Texas, and we all enjoyed my Hubby's game against LA with a sunny weekend. 

Lunch at Simmzy's

Sister and I picking the best lemons.

My aunt and uncle are always such warm hosts, and we reminisced over old family photo albums. I found a few gems they'd been holding onto all these years!

Baby's first (and last) Dior, my white Christmas dress.

My parachute jumper and our Easter dresses.

Gotta' love a good First Day of School picture - first grade! And this is a family favorite: I put all the Mr. Potato Head pieces on my sister's face.

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A Christmas Commission

Some of my favorite pieces to paint are commissions. They are much more personal to a buyer than if they simply chose a painting off a gallery wall. A long-time friend recently commissioned me to do a painting for his new wife for Christmas.

He showed me a photo that they had taken on their honeymoon in Turks and Caicos. I really enjoyed painting a representation of that inspiring photo, especially for a good friend.

Thank you, Pete, for having me create something special for your lovely wife. 
Merry Christmas!

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70s 80s 90s

They say that fashion is cyclical, that certain trends never die - they just return down the road, slightly updated. These fashion spreads are shining examples of decade trends gone right!

1970s inspiration from S Moda magazine:

Vogue Spain features 1980s fashion:

1990s influence in The Edit from Net-A-Porter:



Style in Unexpected Places

With the right lighting, wardrobe and supermodel, even everyday places like the laundromat or the airport can be the setting of a high fashion editorial.

From the December issue of Vogue Japan magazine:

And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley featured in the November issue of Vogue Mexico:

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It's Always Sunny in Antarctica

While some photographers might tackle the subject of "global warming" with a heavy hand, Gray Malin uses a more tongue-in-cheek approach. On location in Antarctica, this photo series expresses the theory that our coldest continent is warming up with the use of brightly colored beach toys and summer props. I think it looks rather inviting! 

I appreciate the whimsical way Malin captures the idea of a shifting climate, juxtaposing the beautifully natural with the playfully man-made. 

And check out some behind-the-scenes video from Malin's shoot in Antarctica HERE
Penguins tried to steal the show...

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