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Although studio photoshoots have that shiny, polished look, I appreciate outdoor shoots all the same. Somehow the clothing on the models seems more functional, more feasible for an average citizen like myself to wear. A studio spread: "Sure it's a gorgeous dress, but where would I wear that?" An outdoor spread: "Oh, that's where I'd wear that. And I think I'll rock that dress the next time I stroll adorably down the street." And isn't that the point of magazine spreads, to potentially see yourself in the clothes? Let's see if you can picture yourself in any of these:

From Dazed and Confused magazine, model Lottie Moss (Kate's little sis):

( Cute kid photobomb )

From the Lovers + Friends S/S '14 Lookbook:

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Honey Please!

Happy Birthday to me! I've been making things in the kitchen lately that have only a few simple yet healthy ingredients - and sweet, sticky honey. I thought y'all might enjoy them as much as I do.

The first is a fruit dip that is so delectable it will have you hunting for more fruits to dip. I'm more a raw veggies fan than a fruit eater, but this Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip may just convert me!

4 Ingredients : 
Plain Greek yogurt (or vanilla)
Natural creamy peanut butter

Blend together with a hand mixer, then get to dippin'! It's like crack, as they say. Recipe HERE.

And the second is not so much a recipe as it is a concoction. If you've ever frequented the New Beet Cafe here in Santa Cruz, this drink is known as Sam's Firewater. I have one once a week for general healthiness as a cleanse, but it's also good to combat colds and sore throats.

In a mug, stir together these ingredients :
(Measurements are approximate, but you want it to be spicy!)

Honey  ~  1.5 tbsp
Pure lemon juice  ~  2 tbsp
Natural ground ginger  ~  1 tsp
Cayenne pepper  ~  1/2 tsp
Mug full of almost-boiling water

Health benefits? Ginger is a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant (among many other great properties). Cayenne opens and drains nasal passages, fights inflammation, and is a natural pain reliever and antioxidant. Lemon juice has gobs of vitamin C as an immunity booster. And honey boosts the immune system, boosts energy, and coats an itchy throat. Voila! 



When bedazzling and glitz feels tired, how do you refresh the glam? These designers chose to use print and hand-painting to amplify the sparkle in unique, modern ways.

London-based designer Holly Fowler embraces the 'cloth as a blank canvas' concept, hand-painting her garments to look like gems and applique without the rigidity:

And this delicious collection was a Mediterranean collaboration between Greek fashion designer Mary Katrantzou and Italian shoe designer Gianvito Rossi. I dig the heel height and their day-to-night appeal:

Do you like printed gems or prefer the real deal?

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Baby It's Polar Outside

There's a meteorological phenomenon currently punching the US in the face, I believe they are calling it a polar vortex. Brrrr! While we are experiencing normal temps here in Santa Cruz, I decided to do some winter styling for all those who need to beef up their tundra-friendly wardrobe. I hear the post office is still delivering packages!

A. Faux Fur Hooded Coat from Zara  |  B. Cable Knit Beanie from TopShop  |  C. Peplum Jacket from TopShop  |  D. Waffle Infinity Scarf from J.Crew  |  E. Leather Driving Gloves from ASOS  |  F. Leather Biker Jacket from TopShop  |  G. Casado Cardigan from Anthropologie  |  H. Tama Boots by Bearpaw 

A. Ashtabula Beanie from Anthropologie  |  B. Wool Duffle Coat from TopShop  |  C. Leather and Jersey Leggings from H&M  |  D. Gloss Rain Boots by Hunter  |  E. Fringe Boots by Minnetonka

Bundle up, darlings! 
xo LizzAubrey


Kaiser en Bleu

This is my main man Kaiser. He's a Great Dane - one of the biggest I've ever met and has an even bigger personality to match. Kaiser currently lives in Austin, Texas with my parents. He has a gentlemanly mustache, eats rubber squeaky toys, hates squirrels, and is deathly afraid of the garbage truck.

For the last few Christmases, I have painted a gift for my father. This year, I wanted to immortalize our big fur-baby in expressionistic fashion. So I call this painting Kaiser en Bleu. I used blue hues because his 'Oh, bother' personality reminds me of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. My progress:

Voila! Whatcha' think? 

Images and artwork is my own. Please ask permission before use. 
Contact me via email if you are interested in having a painting done. 


Art Science Fusion

I wanted to share this vibrant painting series by artist Klari Reis. The collection is called Petri Dish and features a merge of science and art. Reis' works are designed to look like rainbow colored, growing cells or bacteria. She uses pigment-tinted plastic-epoxy polymer (say that five times fast!) to create her paintings, and no two are alike. What do you think: weird or wonderful?

The artist has a neat blog called The Daily Dish where she posts a petri dish painting a day. They're quite pretty to look at. Check out her blog HERE

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