Kaiser en Bleu

This is my main man Kaiser. He's a Great Dane - one of the biggest I've ever met and has an even bigger personality to match. Kaiser currently lives in Austin, Texas with my parents. He has a gentlemanly mustache, eats rubber squeaky toys, hates squirrels, and is deathly afraid of the garbage truck.

For the last few Christmases, I have painted a gift for my father. This year, I wanted to immortalize our big fur-baby in expressionistic fashion. So I call this painting Kaiser en Bleu. I used blue hues because his 'Oh, bother' personality reminds me of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. My progress:

Voila! Whatcha' think? 

Images and artwork is my own. Please ask permission before use. 
Contact me via email if you are interested in having a painting done. 

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