Darling Delevingnes

I've been following these genetically gifted sisters for many years now, but it seems the Delevingne girls aren't slowing down any time soon. Poppy has her trademark girl-next-door smirk and Cara with those commanding eyebrows... yowza! The Delevingnes are always working, and I found two colorful and captivating campaigns simultaneously featuring the British bombshells:

For UK fashion retailer StyleBop, Poppy Delevingne:

For the February issue of Vogue Brazil magazine, Cara Delevingne:

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Provo + Carmel

What a busy Lizz I have been! My schedule this month doesn't allow much time to blog - but no complaints here. A few of the wonderful distractions I've had over the last 2 weeks:

My sister and I traveled to Provo, Utah to visit our youngest sister at school. 
There was plenty o' snow, so we went snow tubing!

Surprisingly legit sushi for a land-locked state...

Then some friends from back home in Texas came to visit Hubby and me in Santa Cruz. We tried to pack a week of activities into just the weekend, including a trip down picturesque 17 Mile Drive in Carmel, California. As usual, the drive and the town did not disappoint! 

Ever made a drip castle in the sand? As a kid, I was Expert Level 10 of building these suckers. 

We also built rock towers. It was a very hands-on day for us.  
Then this squirrel modeled for me.

 It's called the Ghost Tree for its sun-bleached, warped trunk.

The drive finishes at the Pebble Beach Golf Club. 
We had lunch on the patio at The Bench near the 18th hole.

Even the iced tea presentation was fabulous: Hibiscus infused tea with lemon and lavender simple syrup. 

Stay tuned for more travel pics as wedding season commences! 

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Oodles and Gobs

I love the work of artist Jason Martin because he creates paintings you want to reach out and touch. Of course there is NO TOUCHING in art museums... but wouldn't you have a tough time resisting when they look like this? :

Martin's sculptural paintings are made using oil and acrylic gel; he sweeps industrial surfaces with gobs of medium-heavy pigment and never smooths them out. Such a simple technique with such grand results.

I am venturing to Provo, Utah this weekend for a retreat with my sisters. Many snow-covered photo opportunities await! 

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