Fish & Basketball

March has certainly come in like a lion at our house; my husband's basketball season is closing in on the playoffs, and I've been hosting visiting friends and traveling more than usual. Amy, a good friend and sorority sister of mine, came to visit us in Santa Cruz for a long weekend. I had so much fun spending quality time with her and showing her some of our favorite local spots.

Some photos from my adventures with Amy:

Baby Moon jellyfish

I took a photo with this tank of sardines at the Monterey Bay Aquarium when I was just 6 years old. 
I couldn't resist retaking it! 

Amy was introduced to the baby redwoods (though young, still huge). And I rebelled by 'crabbing' even though it was expressly forbidden. 

Amy also attended two of my Hubby's games with me. Needless to say, she was an instant fan. 

Hubby and me - our pregame 'ritual'

Thanks for coming all the way from Kentucky to visit us, Ames! We miss you already. 

Images are my own. Please ask permission before use. 

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