Tribute to Japan

Exactly 3 years ago on March 11th, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Japan when we lived in Tokyo. The quake and the subsequent tsunami, aftershocks and Fukushima power plant disaster were understandably frightening and still never far from my mind; but the life-changing memories, adventures and the people we had the pleasure of befriending will always be dear to my heart.

While I've done a tribute post every year since, I wanted to do something really special this year to commemorate our time in Japan. So I painted a piece to honor the country that was so kind and now means to much to us:

Tribute to Japan
oil paint and metallic on canvas
2ft by 4ft.

The color red is prevalent throughout Japan from the ornately designed temple roofs and hanging lanterns to the Japanese flag itself, so it was important to me that red be just as much a focus in my painting. I even used the actual Richter scale reading from the earthquake in the background. Enjoy!

I miss you, Japan. May you continue to recover and be stronger than ever!

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  1. mama hill3/18/2014

    Beautiful, touching…perfect


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