Phone Photos | Austin, Avocados & Basketball

Spring-happy pics from my iPhone :

I attended my friend Sarah's wedding in Austin, Texas. And it was nothing short of exquisite.

My big boy Kaiser listening to the birds outside. He loves nature. 
And Charlie, our family Beagle, catching some rays.

A favorite dish of my hubby and me. 

My 'Half-ocado' Recipe:
Half an avocado and remove seed.
Score flesh of avocado and squeeze lime juice over both halves.
In pit, add diced tomatoes + cheese + drizzle of EVOO + salt and pepper.
Bake (face up, as shown) at 400 degrees for 5-7 minutes.
Eat with fork!

I visited Rodeo Drive on a recent trip to Los Angeles.

Spring closet cleaning! I used ThredUp for the good quality donations.

My stylish aunt + grandmother in her new lemon coat from Zara.

I baked basketball cookies for my hubby's players as a Congrats for getting so far in the Playoffs.

He's such a hardworking coach. And I'm a lucky girl - I get to watch my handsome gentleman and his team bring joy and entertainment to excited fans night after night!

All images are property of me or Santa Cruz photographer Ari Nava. 
Please ask permission before use. 

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