Redwood Giants

On Saturday, Hubby and I had a hankering for adventure. We drove around Santa Cruz, ending up at Henry Cowell State Park and visited the Redwood forest. What a breathtaking experience - the tallest trees you've ever seen aged hundreds of years, some even over a thousand years old! Photos from our hike:

This trunk cross section had plaques marking years on its rings. The center ring said Birth of Jesus. When the tree finally fell (of natural causes), it was over 1800 years old.

Even the clover were supersized, blanketing the forest floor.

This is a family circle of Redwoods where roots and trunks had all grown together over the years.

The fat yellow guy there is a Banana Slug. I'm fascinated by them!

After walking back to our car, Hubs and I noticed a log cabin with a neon sign promising cocktails. An eclectic end to a perfect day.

The staggering size of California Redwoods is difficult to convey in a photograph. But I feel very blessed to live so close to such natural beauty. It was an unforgettable experience to walk among giants, relishing the feeling of being small and insignificant by comparison. I felt I was breathing the freshest air, and it's no wonder so many creatures call the Redwoods home.

Images are my own. 
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