My Surrealism Experiment

Twentieth century surrealist painter Salvador Dali has been an inspiration of mine since the first time I laid eyes on his 1931 The Persistence of Memory (aka the melting clocks) in middle school. I remember learning that, in the piece, he portrayed the "collapse of our notions of a fixed cosmic order". He challenged the thought that a subject must be painted a certain way. And he had a pet anteater for pete's sake! Wonderfully bizarre.

So I decided to experiment with my own brand of surrealist painting, tame as it may be. Here are the results painted on skinny canvases :

oil on canvas
10 in. x 18 in.

oil on canvas
10 in. x 18 in

Images are my own. 
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I've painted in monochrome, in metallics, and in neons. But how have I neglected to paint in simply black and white? I couldn't shake that thought; so I experimented by creating a 2-painting series in grey scale: natural subjects with my traditional turpentine drip background. And I used only the white and the black oil paint tubes. Here was the finished product:

I call this one Greyscale Cactus, inspired by the beautiful Nopales cacti we have growing all over Texas hill country.

And this one is Greyscale Banana Leaves, an inspiration from the lush landscape of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean Islands. The fam and I vacationed there when I was in college!

What florals or natural elements most inspire you? 

Images are my own.
Please ask permission before use.


Home Sweet Home

Hi, readers! Just a quick update: the Hubs and I are making our annual summer pilgrimage home to Texas to visit friends and family. I'll be back to both posting and painting when we return.