I've painted in monochrome, in metallics, and in neons. But how have I neglected to paint in simply black and white? I couldn't shake that thought; so I experimented by creating a 2-painting series in grey scale: natural subjects with my traditional turpentine drip background. And I used only the white and the black oil paint tubes. Here was the finished product:

I call this one Greyscale Cactus, inspired by the beautiful Nopales cacti we have growing all over Texas hill country.

And this one is Greyscale Banana Leaves, an inspiration from the lush landscape of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean Islands. The fam and I vacationed there when I was in college!

What florals or natural elements most inspire you? 

Images are my own.
Please ask permission before use.

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  1. Hello Ma'am,
    Your art and vision of art is stunning! I met you at the Golden State summer league game on 14 July 14. (The Aaron Craft fan!) I wanted to thank you for being so kind to me. Your beauty is evident on the outside as well as the inside. Again, thank you!


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