Tsunami on Canvas

The most recent painting I finished is titled Tsunami From Underneath.  It's an echo of sorts to my Tribute to Japan painting which alluded to the earthquake we survived on March 11, 2011 in Tokyo. This piece is my abstract interpretation of the tsunami that followed the earthquake and hit the quiet city of Sendai, Japan. 

In Tokyo, we were some of the lucky ones, avoiding the massive waves. However, I often ponder the raw power and earth energy that tsunami had, especially one following an offshore 9.0 earthquake. I started to think about cross sections of the earth's crust and what a tsunami might look like from underwater. Since I've never seen a photo or image of such a concept, I decided to create it for myself.  

I didn't intend for the painting to be frightening or sad, simply an artistic marveling at a natural phenomenon. Tsunami is a reminder for me of how small and insignificant I am compared to the powerful forces of nature.   

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My Art Show

My friends at Fusion Salon & Spa here in Santa Cruz hosted a private art show for me this month. It was my first solo show, and I enjoyed being able to showcase my paintings for my pals. It was a humbling moment and a wonderful evening complete with wine and cheese, artwork, and so many people I love. 

Thank you to my Hubby and Ari Nava for photographing some of the event. Thanks to Fusion for hosting, and thanks to so many of our beloved friends for attending!


Nice is Nice

While Nice is simply the name of a city in the French Riviera, it was without a doubt one of the nicest and most picturesque places I've ever seen. Simply walking around Old Town and along the coastline was all the entertainment we needed.

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Old Antibes

Antibes... I had never heard of the city before our visit, but I'm singing its praises now! It was everything a quaint little town in the south of France should be. The in-laws, Hubby and I loved exploring it. Some photos from our days in Antibes:

Port Antibes is home to some of the biggest private yachts in the world. Many had helipads!

The Pablo Picasso museum. What a neat find!

My handsome husband, and my adorable mama-in-law.

The spice and produce market wafted wonderful smells all through the streets. 
And this Jaume Plensa sculpture was just asking to be jumped in.

We couldn't help but marvel at Fort CarrĂ© from the marina; so the next day, we paid it a visit. 
It was built in the 16th century and boasted fantastic views of Antibes.

Elle est belle, n'est-ce pas?

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