La Sagrada Familia

Before visiting Barcelona, Spain this summer, we read up on the hot to-do's in the city. We knew Antoni Gaudi's famous La Sagrada Familia basilica was a must-see, but we didn't expect the impact that its unique architecture and religious reverence would have on us. I took so many photos, it required its own post!

I remembered from my college art history courses that La Sagrada Familia boasted a provocative facade with its sandcastle-like spires and nature themes throughout. The basilica is only a portion of the way finished - Gaudi died, of course, before it was completed.

One side of the exterior of the basilica celebrated spring, summer and the birth of Jesus Chris. The other side represented autumn, winter and the Passion and death of Jesus. 

It was truly an amazing place to behold. If you are visiting Barcelona, you must see Gaudi's masterpiece. TIP: If you want to tour the interior, I recommend buying a ticket online the day before you wish to go. No waiting in line that way!

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