LA-LA Land + Childhood Gems

I'll use almost any excuse to travel down south to Los Angeles, especially lately as it won't stop raining in NorCal! We have family in Manhattan Beach, Mom and Sister flew in from Texas, and we all enjoyed my Hubby's game against LA with a sunny weekend. 

Lunch at Simmzy's

Sister and I picking the best lemons.

My aunt and uncle are always such warm hosts, and we reminisced over old family photo albums. I found a few gems they'd been holding onto all these years!

Baby's first (and last) Dior, my white Christmas dress.

My parachute jumper and our Easter dresses.

Gotta' love a good First Day of School picture - first grade! And this is a family favorite: I put all the Mr. Potato Head pieces on my sister's face.

Images are my own.
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