A Venti Sized Commission

Happy Fall yall! I visited a client's home in Dallas for a commission consultation. My client, a family friend with four beautiful kids and a gorgeous new house, had large white walls in need of artwork. They commissioned me to paint a large-scale abstract that would compliment the textiles, textures and colors within their home.

Here's a glimpse into my artistic process and all the fun I had creating this bold piece:

I started with an enormous primed canvas roll cut to something like 6.5 by 7.5 feet. A stepladder was required.

And I did it all with my favorite painting tool: a palette knife!

Then I carefully arranged professional painter's tape into a herringbone-like pattern (this process alone took about 2-3 hours). Next step: apply metallic spray paint in the negative space.

Once the spray paint dried, I removed the tape to reveal the finished product.

Finally I rolled the canvas and shipped it in a shipping tube. Once in Dallas, the painting was stretched over a frame by a professional framer. Thank you Matthew and Christine for this fun commission - it was an honor to paint for you!

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Lake Tahoe

Have you ever visited Lake Tahoe? It's gorgeous! Some photos from my recent adventures there:

Biking to Fallen Leaf Lake.

Above: a tea house built out of stone tops this island. 
Below: this Canadian goose wanted my sandwich.

Pontoon boating on Lake Tahoe.

We also attended the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament at Edgewood Tahoe South. We met and saw stars like Larry the Cable Guy, Justin Timberlake, Alfonso Ribeiro, Aaron Rogers, Jerry Rice, Charles Barkley, and tons more. Check that off the bucket list!

 Guess who?...

Above: actor Rob Riggle. Below: comedian Kevin Nealon gave us these shirts with his face on them, took our photo, and Instagrammed it - all while playing the 15th hole!

[ Insert hooting owl sounds ]

Lake Tahoe, I will see you again. Thanks for the memories!

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Baseball with Dad

A client commissioned me to paint a representation of one of his favorite photographs from his MLB days. Although human subjects are not my forte, I couldn't resist a challenge and the opportunity to create a keepsake for a friend. 

I used the grid technique to sketch the subjects, then applied watercolor paint in layers.

The client was pleased with my work, and I am slightly less scared to paint people now!

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Big Sur

You guys... Big Sur is amazing! Since we moved to the Bay Area, locals have been promoting a visit to Big Sur National Park; and it did not disappoint. With the tall jagged cliffs, emerald green mountains, sapphire blue water, and the raw untouched quality of the landscape, it's no wonder Big Sur is such a California coast destination.

We went critter spotting and saw tons of sea otters. They are so much fun to watch: they dive down to get a clam or urchin, lay on their backs at the surface, and smack the snack against their favorite rock to open it. 

We finished the experience with a late lunch on the river bank at the River Inn. Big Sur is a must-see if you're driving the Cali coastline!

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Discovering Gold

Not all that glitters is gold, but gold is just what this painting needed! I recently finished an abstract that I was not satisfied with. It didn't have any 'wow factor', and I couldn't decide how to fix it. So I used the dud painting to experiment with a new technique! 

I laid blue painter's tape in a strategic pattern on top of my painting, then I applied metallic gold spray paint. After removing the tape, a negative space pattern surfaced on the composite. The results were beautiful and interesting! 

Perhaps I'll paint a piece specifically with this tape layering technique in mind!

Images are my own.
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