My Big Art

That's my work... really really big! 

A friend of ours in San Francisco was redecorating his loft and wanted to fill a 7 foot by 10 foot space with artwork. In collaboration with Todd Adams Design and a printing company, I provided my Abstract, Blue Green Yellow painting, and they produced high resolution images of it. Then they digitally 'blew up' a section of the image, separated it in two, printed the large scale images, and mounted them on aluminum. 

Abstract, Blue Green Yellow (2014)

I think the work turned out beautifully! I especially love that the brass giraffes are standing guard of the art. What a neat project to be a part of!

Please ask permission before using images.


  1. these paintings look perfect pieces to adorn these walls. i like the placidity and life they convey to the whole room and also to the viewer. this is such a job done well. keep posting more

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