Big Sur

You guys... Big Sur is amazing! Since we moved to the Bay Area, locals have been promoting a visit to Big Sur National Park; and it did not disappoint. With the tall jagged cliffs, emerald green mountains, sapphire blue water, and the raw untouched quality of the landscape, it's no wonder Big Sur is such a California coast destination.

We went critter spotting and saw tons of sea otters. They are so much fun to watch: they dive down to get a clam or urchin, lay on their backs at the surface, and smack the snack against their favorite rock to open it. 

We finished the experience with a late lunch on the river bank at the River Inn. Big Sur is a must-see if you're driving the Cali coastline!

Images are my own.
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  1. You are such a great artist with an amazingly steady hand. water colors are one of the most mesmerizing medium to me. keep posting more from you because it is amazing

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