A Venti Sized Commission

Happy Fall yall! I visited a client's home in Dallas for a commission consultation. My client, a family friend with four beautiful kids and a gorgeous new house, had large white walls in need of artwork. They commissioned me to paint a large-scale abstract that would compliment the textiles, textures and colors within their home.

Here's a glimpse into my artistic process and all the fun I had creating this bold piece:

I started with an enormous primed canvas roll cut to something like 6.5 by 7.5 feet. A stepladder was required.

And I did it all with my favorite painting tool: a palette knife!

Then I carefully arranged professional painter's tape into a herringbone-like pattern (this process alone took about 2-3 hours). Next step: apply metallic spray paint in the negative space.

Once the spray paint dried, I removed the tape to reveal the finished product.

Finally I rolled the canvas and shipped it in a shipping tube. Once in Dallas, the painting was stretched over a frame by a professional framer. Thank you Matthew and Christine for this fun commission - it was an honor to paint for you!

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