Waves for Hilary

Our friend Hilary commissioned me to do an ocean-inspired abstract for her office walls. We decided on a diptych, two wood panels designed to be hung together. Hilary loves to surf here in Santa Cruz; so I called the piece 'A Good Set' to reference the feeling of solid waves and a satisfying surf day.

The silver metallic spraypaint I used serves as the sparkling sea mist of the crashing waves.

Thank you so much for the commission, Hilary. 
I hope it brightens your work day and inspires you to keep on surfin'!

Images are my own.
Please ask permission before use.


  1. You painted these waves or is it just a picture you took from somewhere? Because this is simply breath taking, so much perfection and it looks so real.

  2. 我讀了這篇文章。 我覺得你付出了很多的努力去創造這篇文章。 我感謝你的工作。

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