Perhaps it's my Aquarian inclinations, but I've always been drawn to water. I've painted ocean themes and creatures of the sea for years, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before I found a way to fully integrate H2O into my work.

After much tooling around in my studio learning a painting style some are calling fluid art, I'm already loving it and feeling confident in it's application. Water is an integral part of my fluid art, and I've been delighted with its creative capabilities. I've even completed a large commission for some client friends; and I must say it's one of my favorite pieces to date!

Untitled Water Painting, 2016
36 x 60 inch 
mixed media (acrylic, medium & metallic spraypaint)

I offer some close-ups of the piece so you can appreciate all the fluid detail. I achieved the metallic silver effect using a special spraypaint technique.

Other various fluid art pieces I have created:

Jolene, 2016
mixed media on canvas
16x20 inch

Under the Wave, 2016
mixed media on canvas
12x12 inch

It's definitely a messy process, but I'm diggin' it!

16x24 inch
mixed media on canvas

14x26 inch
mixed media on canvas

Fluid art has been a great lesson for me in patience and relinquishing control. These pieces take over a week to fully dry; and for the first few days, they are constantly changing as the water and medium trickles around the canvas. It has a mind of its own! What is it they say in Memoirs of a Geisha ?: "Water...always in such a hurry."

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